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Energy Advisory, Monitoring and Automation

Follow trends, forecasts and get instant notifications on abnormalities in your home. Click the link to find out more about the Eliq App.

Eliq for Utilities

Today's utility customers demand more than just a paper bill. Eliq's customer engagement platform includes smart home and energy management capabilities enabling utilities to create stronger relationships with their customers.

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Eliq + LifeSmart

The electricity meter sensor from Eliq is now available with LifeSmart. LifeSmart offers a wide range of products for monitoring and controlling your home. The combination of Eliq's experience in home energy management with LifeSmarts products for convenience, safety and lighting creates a unique product concept.

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About Eliq

Eliq is a tech company specialized in the analysis and visualization of energy data. Since 2010 we've sold more than 40,000 products under the Eliq brand but also private-label products for IKEA. In 2016 Eliq conquers new ground by integrating energy advisory, monitoring and automation as a fully integrated part of the connected home.

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