About Eliq

Eliq is a Swedish tech company specialised in the analysis and visualisation of energy data. The name Eliq comes from the composition of EL (Swedish nickname for electricity) and IQ.

Our aim is twofold: to reduce energy waste by helping households understand their consumption, and through this, assist energy suppliers engage with their customers with real-time information and personalised communications.

It all started with...

When the European Union directed a digital energy meter rollout in 2009, Sweden was among the early adopters. Eliq took this inspiration to develop the world’s first energy display for in-home use, launched in 2010. To date, over 40,000 products have been sold. Two years later, Eliq offered the first real time energy monitoring IoT solution for mobile (that contain social media interaction and gamification functions).

And now...

Today, Eliq helps tens of thousands of Swedes keep track of their energy consumption by monitoring the electricity meter in real time. In 2016, we brought our energy engagement solution to the utility industry, enabling them to digitally engage their customers at a new level. 73% of our current users are active on our platform, spending an average of 120 minutes a month.

Where to from here?

The European utilities industry is changing. Solar cells, battery packs, electric cars and smart homes change how we use electricity in everyday life and make new demands on tomorrow’s energy company. We strive to be the chosen partner of progressive utilities to transform supplying energy as a commodity to energy as a service.