About Eliq

Eliq is a tech company specialized in the analysis and visualization of energy data. The Company and its founders have a background from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg and founded Eliq based on the vision of contributing to reduced energy waste by helping people to understand their electricity consumption. The name Eliq comes from the composition of EL and IQ as in Electricity IQ.

In 2010 Eliq launched the world's first energy display for in-home use equipped with a touch screen. In 2012 the company launched the world's first real-time energy monitoring service containing social media interaction and gamification functions such as competitions and comparisons with friends and neighbours. In 2016 Eliq once again conquers new ground by integrating the Eliq service for analysis and visualization of energy data as a fully integrated part of the smart home.

Since 2010, the company has sold more than 40,000 products under the Eliq brand but also OEM products for IKEA among others. Eliq has repeatedly demonstrated a pioneering and innovative capacity, which has made the company what it is today, one of the global leaders in analysis and visualization of energy data.

We are climate solvers

The world's population is facing enormous challenges. The people working at Eliq take great pride in making a contribution to the global society. Night and day we think of new and better ways of how to reduce waste of energy at home.

Eliq has been awarded the E-Prize, by Swedish business magazine Veckans Affärer and utility company E.ON and also been awarded the Climate Solver Award by the WWF .