Customer Support

Below you’ll find information on customer support for Eliq Energy Online, Eliq Energy Display, the Eliq App in general as well as the Eliq + LifeSmart-system.

Customer Support 
For customer support, please visit our help center. To send a request, press “Submit Request” in the top-right corner of the website.

Server Operational Status and Maintenance
For information on Eliq Server Operational Status and Maintenance click here.

Purchasing Eliq Accessories
Customers looking to purchase accessories for the Eliq products find the shop here (Sweden shipping only).

LifeSmart Customer Support
For customer support for the LifeSmart-products including connectivity, pairing and usage click here.

Eliq + LifeSmart collaboration
For information about the Eliq + LifeSmart collaboration and how the Eliq App works together with the LifeSmart-system click here.