Eliq work with utility companies to help them strengthen the relationship with and engage their customers. By collaborating with tech-partners like LifeSmart, Eliq offers a complete smart home solution with cutting-edge energy management and climate control capabilities.

Utility Customer - Eidsiva Energy

Since 2015 Eliq collaborates with Eidsiva Energy, one of Norways largest utility companies. Eliq enable Eidsiva to engage their customers by offering solutions for home energy management and climate control. All of Eidsiva's customers with an "Eidsiva Flyt" electricity contract receive a smart home start-kit including LifeSmart + Eliq.

Eliq for Eidsiva

Smart Home Partner - LifeSmart

LifeSmart Inc is one of Asias leading smart home companies. Eliq has a collaboration with LifeSmart which means the Eliq Electricity Meter Sensor and App is available together with the LifeSmart-system. To read more about the collaboration click the link below.

Eliq + LifeSmart