Eliq is the leading expert in customer engagement for utilities.

Whether you’re trying to acquire new customers or engage with your current ones, we’re the glue that sticks utilities and their consumers together.

We create experiences that build connections and make a difference in customer loyalty.

Previously, engaging customers means sending monthly energy (paper) bill, a platform that offers no interactions other than the occasional rage arising from unexpected high bills.

The things Eliq does make engagement happen, forming connections between businesses and people. We do this by focusing on the end-users, understanding what they want to know.

Our first version of in-home displays was launched in 2010, offering a way to monitor household energy consumption.

We spent the following years working with our users to understand the interaction, what motivates them and what gets them engaged.

This solid understanding of end-users is what brought us to introduce Eliq’s online customer engagement solution to the utilities industry in 2016. This intuitive platform used as a self-service tool via the web or mobile applications, increases accessibility, and in turn customer satisfaction.

Eliq has been working with large customers such as Eidsiva Energi and Gudbrandsdalen Energi in Norway, and Greenyellow (part of Casino Group) in France, contributing to their success stories.

The Utilities Value Chain is Changing

As new business opportunities unfold for the energy supplier, new entrants and new business models disrupt the market, leaving the incumbents in the dust. Customer loyalty is costly and only by doing something different (not with another set of steak knives!) can a true customer value be maximised. “Don’t just sell. Educate!” Eliq can help utilities move away from selling energy as a pure commodity, to engaging customers and providing energy as a service.

Get personal.