The Next Generation Mobile Apps for Utilities

Eliq provides a customer engagement platform offering monitoring, advisory and automation of household energy use. Neatly presented in our App or through our API. We have developed features such as real-time monitoring and alerts, personalised advice via AI, great customer support and demand-response functionality. The App runs off our analytics platform with self-learning artificial intelligence.

  • Day-to-day energy consumption data in currencies or kWh
  • Comparisons by time period (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly)
  • Consumption of electrical appliances on standby
  • Potential “energy leaks” and/or possible sources of energy savings
  • Overall energy productions and consumptions

The solution is delivered as a white label product, where the company’s brand is the only one exposed to the user. This enhances the perception of trust by the end-users. Features and design are also customisable within six weeks implementation.