Eliq + LifeSmart

The electricity meter sensor from Eliq is now available with LifeSmart. LifeSmart offers a wide range of products for monitoring and control. The combination of Eliq's experience in energy management with LifeSmarts product suite for convenience, security and lighting creates a unique product concept.

Eliq + LifeSmart

With LifeSmart, you get all the benefits of a comprehensive smart home system combined with monitoring and advisory on household energy use from Eliq.

Your home in one app

Life Smart’s ever-growing range of products offers a truly intelligent experience combining energy management with convenience, security and lighting. When everything in your home is interconnected, you can easily set the lighting to go on when you arrive home, the camera to take a picture when the door is opened or the radiators to go on when the temperature drops.

Eliq as a part of LifeSmart

We have made the Eliq service a fully integrated part of the LifeSmart app. As a result you can instantly monitor how the total energy consumption varies as you turn on and off appliances at home. Any time you feel like browsing statistics or reports on your energy consumption the Eliq app is just a click away. Or why don’t you let Eliq’s intelligent monitoring function let you know when the energy consumption is galloping to prevent bill shocks.

LifeSmart in Scandinavia

LifeSmart is now available in Scandinavia. Pick and choose from the wide range of devices and create your own truly smart home!

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“Eliq has already saved me a lot of money! I installed Eliq smart meter sensor in my flat in Marbella. I went there last week and found out yesterday that 4 kW had been consumed for no apparent reason. It turned out the caretaker had forgotten to turn of the A/C as well as the electric floor heating. At 3kr/kW/h it can get expensive very quickly! Now the situation is back to normal with a consumption of 149W which corresponds to the fridge! Thanks for such a good product!”
– Jørn G., Eliq customer