The Eliq Team

Collectively, Eliq is a team of engineers (electrical, mechanical and software – what better combination!), developers, entrepreneurs, innovators, musicians, foodies – all who share one common characteristic: tech lovers. Below are Eliq’s founders who have one thing in common: they want to make a difference using the unique mix of knowledge.

Håkan Ludvigson 

Håkan has a background in electrical engineering and innovation and entrepreneurship from Chalmers Entreprenörskola. Social network Substream (now closed) was his first start-up as a 19 year-old, then industrial sensos company Acosense (Akti etorget: ACOS), and now leading Eliq as the CEO on strategic positioning to revolutionise digital engagement in the utilities industry. Without his CEO hat on, Håkan writes electronic music and unplugs his electronic equipment when not in use. “Standby is the most pointless form of energy waste”, he says.


Joakim Botha 

Mechanical engineer “Botha” also comes with innovation and entrepreneurship edge. Botha is Eliq’s very own representation of Swedish-Norwegian Union. He founded Globesar, a Norwegian technology company – a leader in satellite data analysis. According to Botha, the world is our playground and is there for us to explore – new places, new ideas all in different cultural settings. If Botha wasn’t at Eliq, he is most probably be creating a better life for people in some other way, preferably with tech, food or fashion. When it comes to energy savings, he believes that awareness is the key.


Joakim Ottander 

“Ottander” is another mechanical engineer from Chalmers University of Technology. He takes inspiration from Steve Jobs and the strive for creating “great products” with perfection in every detail. He is the original founder of Eliq, as a result of his Master’s Thesis project on the effects of energy visualisation. On his daily walks with the office dog, Frasse, he dreams of becoming self-sufficient on energy at his vacation home on the island of Brännö outside of Gothenburg.



Joakim Fischer

“Fischer” is a software engineer graduated from also Chalmers University. He has solid experience in software development with special talent for system architecture and cyber security. Joakim has previously been involved in several start-ups and is currently responsible for the development of Eliq’s platform. His energy savings advice? “Space maximisation in your dishwasher load. Particularly items such as lunchboxes!”



Olof Hartelius 

Olof is an industrial design engineer also from Chalmers University in Gothenburg. Prior to joining Eliq, he developed a patent on the smart bike lock “Lock & Roll” – a project that became finalise in the Venture Cup West 2010. Olof is Eliq’s  creative force and today leads the growing technology development team. His best energy saving tips is to cook together with your friends. It not only makes perfect economic sense, it’s also fun!